How to play Baccarat

How to play Baccarat

How to play Baccarat

How to play Baccarat? Now that is the oldest question in the book!

So there is no right or wrong way to play, but there is a secure way to play and that is by understanding the game. In this article we will explain how the game works and what to do and something what NOT to do.

As the History of Baccarat is really interesting, we have added a part of that too here, but that is in the end of the page. But now let´s get to how to play Baccarat!

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So how is the game played?

The idea in the game is to either get 9 or then as close as possible to it. When it comes to the game of Baccarat, this is actually a pretty simple game, as you as a player do not have to do anything, except make your bet and then choose who wins the game. Yes it actually is that simple. You can choose between The Player winning, The Banker winning or then you can bet on a Tie.

As a player you have to decide who will win? The Banker, The player or will it be a tie?
Wins are paid according to the following logic.

Player wins, payout is 1-1 – If you bet 10€ you win 10
Banker wins, payout is 95% of the bet as the house takes 5%
In a Tie, the winnings are paid 8 – 1.

What to know about Baccarat as a game?

The Card Values is pretty important. So we have explained them here for you. As some of the cards have their own value and some have different values. Picture cards carry a value of 10 and A carries the value of 1, then numbers from 2 to 9 carry their own value.

Card values

The cards 2 through 9 have their own value
10, Jack, Queen and King have the value of 0
The Ace card has the value of 1.

Something to remember in the game is that when a player or the Banker, has the two dealt cards and they go over the target that is nine (9). Then the fist cards value will be removed and you will be left with the second cards value. So let´s make this easy, if you have a 9 & 9 = 18, the first “value” = 1 will be removed and you will be left with 8. Then the banker will have King and Ace = 11 and the first numbers is again removed. The Banker will have 1 and you win, as you have 8, that is closer to 9.

In Land-based casinos you will have typically a “Score Sheet” that will help you keep track of the game. But on Online Casinos, this will be shown on the game window. This helps the player understand the game and what is going on.
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Baccarat can be played nearly in every single Online Casino we have listed, but the best places to play are Azur Casino, Cresus Casino and of course Eolve Casino.

When it comes to Game Studios that produce these games, the number one in the game is Evolution Gaming, they are the biggest and best game studio, when it comes to Live and Table games.

There are several other studios that make games, but Evolution is the biggest and also our favorite game studio. They have been making games for over two decades, so they kinda know what they are doing 🙂

We hope that you enjoyed this brief introduction to Baccarat and how to play Baccarat.

How to play Baccarat

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