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JetX3 slot review

JetX3 is the newest slot machine by Smartsoft gaming, this game studio is a leading online gaming software provider and has close to 50 online games.

SmartSoft Gaming has been in the gaming market for a while now since 2015 and they have had a clear vision to make gaming innovative and different.

The gaming studio has made their games very different and their “competitors” or other gaming studios. If you want to see all of our casinos that have SmartSoft Games, all you need to do is click here and you are all set.

We hope that you will enjoy their games just as much as we do. Are you ready to JET to the sky and start winning?? This is the game for you!

This game will make you see betting, gambling or playing slot machines in a totally new way for sure. The game studio has really taken their time to think this thing through.

They have had so much good feedback on the first and original version of JetX Game, We think that this is the reason why they did the new version that is JetX3 and this has all the same mechanics as the first one, the difference in this is just as it´s named.

It has 3 space crafts that will triple your possibilities to win!

They came up with an aeroplane based game that took the gaming world by surprise!

The first JetX Game was launched in early 2019 and since day one it has wowed all the online casino players.

They just took it and made it triple! JetX3 is now available worldwide!

JetX3 Game Overview

Are you prepared for an intergalactic adventure? JetX3 is an online game designed and released by Smartsoft Gaming. When it comes to graphics, JetX3 has a very unique design and the animated spaceships play the main role on your screen.

On Evolve Casino you can really get all of their Welcome bonus when playing the game. You can also see stars and planets in the background when your spaceships are shooting to the sky and your multiplier is growing!

JetX3 is a fast-paced online arcade game. You will first have to place a bet in one, two, or three parts to start playing. After that, you will have to watch the distance of the spaceships and how the odds go up.

Your goal is to withdraw the amount before the explosion. The longer you wait, the higher odds you can expect.

Yes, this also means that the risk is higher, but we all know the saying “Go Big or Go Home“. If the spaceship explodes, you will lose your bet. This can happen at any moment.

This has been played in over 30 different countries all around the world. Because people loved this game and players wanted more. Smart Soft has now launched in May a new version of the game that is JetX3 game.

This game is awesome!

Jetx3 is a new and improved version of the original JetX where you were able to play with only one aircraft, now in JetX3, you have a fleet of ships.

So this will increase your possibility of getting a better and bigger win!

JetX3 game is a new slot machine that is a burst mechanics game from Smartsoft Gaming in which you can easily and quickly win prizes. Place the desired amount in a specified period of time. You can place the bet at the same time in one, two, or three parts.

The minimum bet is 0.1€, the maximum is 300€. After starting the game, watch how high the ships go and how the odds increase. The High price is not predetermined.

Withdraw amount to the desired odds before the explosion. if one or two ships explode, you have a chance to keep a win via the third ship.

You can use the auto-collect button by specifying the desired odds. You can use auto-collect buttons as the round starts after marking.

Winnings are calculated by multiplying the current odds and bets placed. The higher the bets, the bigger the winnings are of course. To read more about the game, all you have to do is click the link here. You can also choose our award winnings casino from below here to take advantage of their superior welcome offer!

Jetx3 Game Freequently Asked Questions

What is the average position of JetX3 in the online casino lobbies?

As this is a New Game, you will find it on the front page or then from the NEW games section. If for some reason you cannot see it, use the search function.

What is the minimum bet on JetX3?

The minimum bet is 0.10€ and you can play with one or three space crafts. so either 0.10€ or 0.30

What is the maxumum bet on JetX3?

The maximum bet is 300€ and you can play with one or three space crafts. so either 300€ or 900

Can I really win on Jetx3?

The answer is YES. We know that one of our VIP Players just won a few weeks back 15.200€ in one game!

Can I play Jetx 3 for free?

Unfortunately, you cannot, as the game has an internal Jackpot and because of this, you need to play it with real money.

How to play Jet X?

The goal is to guess how high will the jet fly and see the multiplier grow, then withdraw the winnings before it explodes.

Is Jet X available on mobile devices?

Of course. It’s compatible with all known devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Where can I play Jet X for real money?

Check out the list of the best casinos to play JetX and JetX3 on. Before playing this slot, don’t forget to claim a welcome bonus to start your session on a good welcome bonus.

Can I play Jet X for free?

No, you cannot as this game has a Jackpot option, so they will not let you try the game


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