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Casino Paypal

The different PayPal casinos for online fun

PayPal casinos are highly sought after and very rare. PayPal is a very popular and alternative payment method created in California in 1998 before being bought by Ebay in 2002. It is a very popular payment method at the casino level and has received more than twenty awards for its services. The use of PayPal offers you the possibility of sending and receiving your money via the web as soon as you create your account. Once you have opened your account for free, you can fund it using your bank account or your credit card.

You will be able to make payments in a very simple and secure way at the online casinos that accept the PayPal casino.

PayPal Online Casino – Paying with PayPal

It’s important to look closely at how sellers are able to transfer their PayPal funds to their bank accounts. Keep in mind that for residents of 7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand) and the United States, the process is very simple. If the Americans do not pay anything as transfer fees, the others are subject to fees even if they are not too high.

It is important to remember that PayPal casino is currently accepted in 43 countries and that only the eight countries mentioned above are allowed to make money transfers. It will take between 3 and 5 business days to successfully withdraw money from your PayPal account. Like all other payment methods, PayPal casino also has its disadvantages, but also its advantages. One of the best advantages that encourages us to recommend PayPal is its very low fees, especially for customers with a personal account. If you are in the case we just mentioned, you have the possibility of receiving $100 every month for free. Meanwhile, companies that have an account are forced to pay to receive money. In contrast to many alternative payment methods, PayPal’s fees are not high. It only charges you a small transaction fee, as well as a small percentage of your transaction.


Casino PayPal France – How does it work?

Thanks to the service offered by PayPal casino, players can play with real money online without having to provide their bank details, but simply by identifying themselves with a password and an email address. There is no need to fund your account in advance, as your chosen method of funding (bank account or credit card) is debited automatically when you make a purchase or deposit at the casino with PayPal.

It is possible to make transfers from one PayPal account to another. Keep in mind that the service is completely free when the source of supply is the bank account or if you have money in your PayPal account.

Online casinos that accept PayPal

The PayPal casino is equipped with a regulation on the protection of purchases. This regulation favors the buyer over the seller. The buyer has the opportunity to make claims based on the type of product he received. If it happens that the seller and the buyer do not succeed in agreeing, the buyer has the possibility of activating on the PayPal site, the option ”dispute”. PayPal then takes over after activating this option and makes the final result based on the elements that each party will have provided. In other words, when there is a dispute with a casino that accepts the PayPal casino, it is up to the latter to defend the player in accordance with its regulations.

If you want to play at the casino or buy using PayPal, all you have to do is click on the PayPal section of the platform in question and comply with the verification procedure. PayPal will then securely transfer the money to the recipient’s account. As soon as you make a payment, casino PayPal will send emails to your recipients informing them that they have been paid.

Some people complain that casino PayPal is overprotective. Others complain that PayPal closes their accounts for no reason. However, it is important to consider that PayPal’s strict measures allow it to have the lowest fraud rate compared to its other competitors who also offer alternative payment methods.


Advantages of PayPal Casino

PayPal casino has a number of advantages, including low fees, availability in over 40 different countries, player-friendly rules and secure payments.

Casino PayPal: a tiny disadvantage, its rarity…

Despite the many advantages that PayPal casino offers compared to very well-known and popular payment methods such as PaySafeCard or Skrill, there are unfortunately few French online casinos that accept withdrawals or deposits with PayPal. The PayPal casino hardly offers its users any bonuses. However, there are a few and we encourage you to take advantage of them, especially since the vast majority of online casino operators are more inclined to choose certain payment methods. These are payment methods that have very low fees and offer players payment bonuses in order to encourage them to use these methods to fund their account. These bonuses are very advantageous for players, as they offer from 15% bonus for deposits with well defined payment methods.


In this section we answer a multitude of questions asked by Internet users about the PayPal casino. You will find answers to questions about the authorization and availability of PayPal in France, the reason for the scarcity of casinos that accept PayPal …


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