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Player Verification

Player Verification

Player Verification is an important process for online casinos. KYC = Know Your Customer and The Reason Why Casinos Asks for Documents. When depositing and withdrawing money to and from your online casino account, you will eventually experience the KYC process that is also known as “Know Your Customer”-process, this is the part where online gambling operators ask you to provide them with documents. To just prove that you are the person you say you are!

player verification
Player Verification – KYC

Player Verification in general

Many find this process annoying and time taking, but we personally do think this is a very good thing as this way the online casino shows that they actually really care about who is playing and with who´s money and that the person who is stating that he or she is the person they claim.

This also shows players that the Online casino is actually respecting and complying with the Responsible Gaming regulations and rules. We demand this from all of our partners who we work with, as Gaming should be fun and safe!

Gaming or playing online should be fun and entertaining. If you think that you might play too much, then we recommend that after reading this you leave our website…

What is KYC?

What documents do I have to send?

When a Online Casino asks you to prove your identity, they will ask for the three (3) following documents. They are:

  • Proof of player
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of Payment

Why are these asked from you? or Why do I have to send them to a online Casino?
The answer is very simple, As we are talking about a online casino, they cannot see you or know who is playing as
Player fkfs8842“. This is the reason that online casinos ask for the players to identify themselves. This is usually done once your deposits and withdrawals exceed or go over 2000€. The sum sounds small, but if you are playing with someone else´s money, that can be a lot for someone else.

Passport or Identification Card
Player Verification

A passport, driver’s license, or national ID card. The identification must be a valid government-issued photo ID.

In the end, this is a really easy thing to do and it really is a good thing that casino operators compile to the Responsible Gaming regulations and rules.

All four (4) corners must be visible in all pictures. Make sure that the flash of your camera is not hiding any information. Once you have taken the picture, look at it and make sure that you can see everything you should.

Proof of Address
Player Verification

A utility bill no less than 3 months old showing that you live at the address listed on your player account.

The proof of address documents are required by the operator to verify that you live where you say you do. When opening your account, you’re required to provide the casino with your address.

Casinos require a document that has both your name and address on it, and the ones that are accepted are utility bills, bank statements, credit card statements or any other official document sent to you by your government.

Proof of Payment

It can be a picture of your bank statement, Credit Card or a picture of your E-wallet. Here are the correct way to submit your documents. The reason that the casino might ask this is that they want to verify that the person who is using the card is actually the owner of the card.

Why is this required?

Well, the most simple answer is that the Casino wants to know who is using the bank account, credit card or E-Wallet. But the truth is that Casinos are not trying to be a pain in your a**. They are forced to do this, as they must know who is using what payment method and that the method is the persons who claims that it is.

Credit Card
Player Verification

When asked for pictures of your Credit Card that you have used to deposit, this is the correct way to send your pictures.

Front and back images of the credit card are required and the backside of the card must be signed. The front image must clearly show the first 6 and last 4 digits (1234 56XX XXXX 1234).

Skrill account
Player Verification

When it comes to E-Wallets

E-Wallets follow the same general rules as bank statements. They should include the account holder’s name and address and match their account details.

For customers using e-wallets that do not provide paper or PDF statements, a screenshot of the account details showing the customer name and address is required.

Neteller or Skrill: Verifying this is simple.
Just take a screenshot which is showing the email, account number/ID and your name.

Bank Statement
Player Verification
  • Bank Statement or Screenshot from your online banking account showing your name and account details.
  • Bank statements should include the account holder’s name and address and should match the details on their account.
  • Do not mark over or cover anything on the bank statement.
  • The Casino will not care where have you been shopping, they only want to see the Deposits made.
  • Make sure that it is the account you have used to make the Deposit, so if you have a “Gaming Account” or a “Savings Account” that you send the correct one.
  • As once the documents are sent, they go to a queue and if there is even one document that is wrong, then they get declined and then you will have to wait to get back to the queue.

Player Verification

We are committed to responsible gambling. Please keep gambling fun. You must be 18 years or over to use this site. Please, play responsibly. It is the player’s sole responsibility to inquire about the existing laws and regulations of the given jurisdiction for online gambling!

Player Verification


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